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Umbilical cord blood not a waste product any more.

New Delhi: Mother's day will soon assume a new dimension for Shilpa Shetty, who is on the verge of delivering her baby. Now that the baby shower is over, the countdown to B-day has begun. The tension is mounting, especially for Cordlife, the company Shilpa has decided to bank her umbilical cord with. In fact she has donned a new avatar with this decision, that of a brand ambassador for Asia's largest stem cell banking network. "Stem cell banking gives me peace of mind for my baby's health," the actress says, stressing that banking her cord cells is the most "personal and precious" gift that she and hubby Raj Kundra could think of for their little one. So now Shilpa is a member of the celebrity 'cord cell club' that includes Kajol, Raveena Tandon, Suzanne Roshan and Adhuna Akhtar (Farhan Akhtar's wife). Read More

KEM study to test disputed efficacy of stem cell therapy

Hindustan Times
City doctors have decided to help patients who want to undergo stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis or knee degeneration, but are skeptical about its success. “An increasing number of patients are looking at stem cell therapy.
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