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Preventing the Problem Before it Occurs – Athersys Meets with FDA to Discuss Novel Approach to Suppressing Graft Versus Host Disease in Leukemia and other Cancer Patients – BiotechStockTrader.com | BiotechStockTrader.com.

Graft versus Host Disease (GvHD) is an area of great unmet medical that represents a significant risk to cancer patients throughout the world.  The condition occurs when patients receive a bone marrow transplant following radiation and/or chemotherapy, and the transplanted immune cells begin to attack the patient, causing significant pain and disability, or even death.

Among patients being treated for cancers of the blood and immune system, roughly half will experience GvHD, and many of those will either experience chronic and debilitating disease, or eventually die.  In fact, chronic GvHD kills up to 33 percent of all those who survive long-term after stem-cell transplants for leukemia. Read More

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