Listing Rates


Fixed Position Right SideBar Banner Ad 234 x 100 pixels, Resolution = 72

Fixed Position Right SideBar Banner Ad 234 x 200 pixels, Resolution = 72

Fixed Position Right SideBar Banner Ad 234 x 300 pixels, Resolution = 72

Rotating Header Banner Ad 468 x 85 pixels, Resolution = 72

Rates & Specs

A contract is required on all listings, with a minimum of three months. Cancellation orders must be received 14 working days before the ad is to appear. Advance payment is required for first-time buyers. Buyers will be billed according to a rate determined between and the buyer.

Banner Ads for should be submitted in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format. The maximum file size is 20K and animations must be approved by the webmaster. The buyer will be billed for any necessary alterations or conversion of artwork at the rate of $65 per hour, with a minimum one-hour charge. reserves the right to revise rates on 60-day written notice.


General Information

There are two main sections to the website:

Home Page and Targeted Specific Arena.

The website has already seen tremendous interest since its inception on March 15, 2012 and 6 months of pre-testing. We have already achieved an Alexa ranking of 117,369 in the United States and a Global ranking of 1,260,858 in pre-launch.


Permanent and Rotating Ads

  • Permanent banner ads are fixed on every page of the website and are located in the right side bar labeled “Sponsors”. These ads do not rotate and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Clients who purchase a 234X300 ad size will be guaranteed top placement, a 234X200 ad size will be guaranteed second placement, unless there is NO 234X300 ad size, then the 234X200 will be in the top position.
  • There are 8 rotating spaces available one on each page of the website. Currently each page will be limited to 10 ads per rotator (for a total of 80 rotating banner ads available on the entire website). Each time a page is refreshed or a new page is visited, the rotating banner ad will change. For example, a purchase of ten rotating banner ads will mean that your ad is seen on average one of every four times a page is refreshed or a new page is visited.


Inquiries & Deliveries

All inquiries concerning online listings should be directed to: Sales, Stem Cell – News, 72 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy. Ste 120-51 Henderson, NV. 89012; (888) 368- 5506; FAX: (201) 304-0894

All banners must be received at least 5 business days prior to placement Banners should be sent via email to Timeframes are subject to change based on any technical difficulties.


Listing Approval reserves the right to reject any and all listings. All listing is subject to copy clearance. reserves the right to modify listings containing statements or illustrations that are extravagant, offensive or not accepted by the listing committee. Payment: First time buyers are required to pay in advance. New buyers must establish credit before terms are granted. We accept credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover) by phone, or PayPal payments (buyer must assume all PayPal fees).